Aly regularly facilitate workshops for  adults and children at schools, festivals and  remote communities. Workshops available in the near future include plant dying, recycled jewellery making, fibre sculpture, basket making and recycled art making. 

Aly  offers a unique twist to your private event,  where she can inject craft and colour to your celebrations through faciliting craft activities to  suit your audience and occasion.  Offer your guests the  opportunity to do something different and make that special woven or recycled souveniour which captures the essence of your occasion.

If you would like to inquire about weaving and recycled art making workshops  at your school, festival or any other special event  please


The artist has  an ochre card, (working with children permit) and can supply evidence of her public liability insurance upon request.

below are some examples of the hundreds of workshops Aly has facilitated over the past 20 years a  fibre artist and educator. 

Workshops by Aly de Groot

botanical alchemy- dying silk and other textiles with plants

Take  a  rusty  bucket,  add  a  handful  of  leaves,  and  a  sprinkle  of  chance  and  what  do   you  get?  Magic!!!  Learn  to  harvest,  prepare  and  create  plant-­‐dyed  textiles  using  materials  found  in  your  garden,  kitchen  and  local  park.   This workshop involves taking plant materials  from your garden and kitchen  and using them in ways you wouldnt have imagined to dye fabric such as silk, wool and hemp. The workshop is perfect for anyone intersted in learning sustainable and strong   plant dying processes. 

Workshops by Aly de Groot

underwater basket weaving- recycled ghost net weaving workshop

Weave and manifest your hopes and dreams for positive change using ghost nets as well as other recycled man-made debris. These nets, which are so named as they continue fishing without human hands,are the refuse from fishing vessels from throughout the world, washing up on the beaches and bringing with it much of our marine life. Use ghost nets and other recycled materials to make an aquatic sea creature  basket, sculpture or bag.

Workshops by Aly de Groot

burlesque basketry

Noun, adjective, verb, -lesqued, -lesquing. artistic composition, esp. literary or dramatic, that, for the sake of laughter, vulgarizes lofty material or treats ordinary material with mock dignity.
A basket making workshop with a twist! Learn basic contemporary basketry techniques along with unexpected mediums such as rope, old clothing and fishing nets to make a small sculptural basket or wearable art piece such as a fascinator which will definately be a conversation starter. 

Workshops by Aly de Groot

birds nest baskets

Use plant and recycled materials to make a birds nest like basket. Birds are the architects of the animal world and you can join your feathery friends and surprise yourself with the beauty of the lovely little nest you compose. You will learn  contemporary basket making processes along with the harvest and prepartion of plant and recycled materials to make a birds nest like basket. Even if you are an experienced textile artist you will still enjoy the freedom and creativity of this workshop. 

Workshops by Aly de Groot

fibre sculpture

Use plant and recycled materials to make sculptures of animals, people and whatever your imagination conjures up.  . 

Workshops by Aly de Groot

recycled jewellery

 Make a unique woven necklace or bracelet using plant fibres,  recycled wires, seeds, beads and found objects along with  contemporary basket making techniques.


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