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A thorough investigation and experimentation with  a diversity of contemporary fibre art mediums and processes has  culminated in several bodies of artwork which are continuously evolving and developing. 

See below for an explanation of each of these. 

Galleries by Aly de Groot

underwater basket weaving

“The oceans deserve our respect and care, but you have to know something before you can care about it.” – Sylvia Earle



Recent work exploring the use of fishing line, ghost nets and peculiar objects to weave a narrative describing the plight of the sea. Her 3 dimensional woven   objects are accompanied by a series of two-dimensional works, where de Groot has utilized an alternative  photographic printing process called Cyanotype that was first invented in 1842 and   involves using photosensitive chemistry and the sun. She uses this alternative photographic process to capture the spirit of her woven objects, transforming them into one of kind prints on paper.

Aly says

"I was interested to discover that the American term ‘underwater basket weaving’ is used to depict ‘easy’ degrees that have no valuable educational content. I question this by experimenting with discarded fishing nets along with contemporary basket making techniques"



Galleries by Aly de Groot

from arnhem to arnhem

Aly says:

Fibre art in Australia is intrinsically aligned with connection to land and culture (Keller, C, 2010) Therefore, an integral element within  my art making  includes an exploration of my Dutch origins by taking my art practice to the Netherlands. In October 2010 I participated in a two month Art residency in  the Dutch City of Arnhem.

This involved documenting the leaves and plants found in the forests surrounding the city of Arhnem using cyanotype processes then dying the prints with plant pigments sourced in the NT. The prints are  a reflection on the long history between the Netherlands and Northern Australia and were first exhibited in the solo exhibition- From Arnhem to Arnhem  at Outstation Gallery in Darwin.


Galleries by Aly de Groot

basket case erotica

The Basket Case Erotica collection is comprised of woven objects  made from   unconventional and quirky  materials.  Additionally, Aly experiments with photography and cyanotype  processes to transform her  woven  objects by using alternative photography processes, such as cyanotype and transferring  the spirit of the woven onto cloth or paper. 


Galleries by Aly de Groot

botanical alchemy and animal alchemy

Aside from her large scale fine art gallery pieces and installation works, Aly has developed  two collections of woven jewellery and  plant –dyed wearables which she sells in pop-up shops and markets  across Australia .

These are :




Take a piece of silk , and a handful of top-end native plant leaves, add a sprinkle of chance and what do you get? Magic!!! And a beautiful , one off, wearable piece of art, high quality chinese silk and reinvigorated  women;s designer garments and men's silk ties   dyed with Northern Australian plant dyes, to hang on your wall or on your body.


This collection also includes unique, hand woven babies rattles,  woven from naturally dyed plant fibres .


This collection is comprised of one of a kind wearable art pendant/ broaches and earrings, handwoven in Australia from colour plated copper wire.




Galleries by Aly de Groot









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