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sun pictures (cyanotype) - June 30 2017 - June 30 2017

Sun Pictures (cyanotype) on textiles
Cyanotype photography is an alternative photographic process  that was discovered by English scientist and astronomer Sir John Herschel in 1842 . This is a mild form of photographic chemistry that is photosensitive, therefore changing colour and capturing the basic image of objects when exposed to direct sunlight.  English botanist and photographer Anna Atkins was one of the first people to bring this to photography. She created a limited series of cyanotype books, including three volumes between 1843 and 1853 titled Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions. This beautiful publication is the botanist’s means of responding and capturing her new surroundings, thus creating a relationship and understanding with the natural world. By using this process, Anna Atkins is regarded as one of the first female photographers.  You too can explore the natural world and  look at objects in new light using cyanotype processes on paper, silk and cotton

Location: tactile arts (territory craft), darwin

ARTIST IN RESIDENCE AT TACTILE ARTS - July 07 2017 - August 01 2017

As  artist in residence @ Tactile Arts
Aly de Groot
Invites you to
Drop in and say hi
Check out her studio and  pop-up shop
open tuesday-friday 10,30 am -4.30 pm
saturdays- 10.30-2.30

or by appointment- 0416363950

And see her making new work for her
Next solo exhibition
-weaving and watching-
opening friday 6pm,july 21,2017
@ the tactile arts gallery
conacher st,fannie bay (near museum)

Location: Tactile Arts, Conacher St, Fanny Bay

e: weaverorwoven@yahoo.com

f: Aly on facebook

m: 0416 363 950

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